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Sport Tile Specificities 


The protection and benefits afforded by the use of this polypropylene tiles has it's limits.

To those who are interested in the purchase and/or use of these polypropylene tiles it must be understood that these tiles will not make up for poor health practices or excessive play beyond the reasonable use of you body as it pertains to your age and physical ability.

Warranty: Free 6 year replacement of each tile with a quality of the product issue.

Expectation: 20 years plus of service life.

Material:  Highest quality polypropylene (PP).  Non toxic, tasteless and waterproof. Does not promote parasitic or bacterial activity.  Environmental safe.  PP belongs to food grade materials, safety and hygiene.

Health: The unique design achieves a good vertical vibration absorption and energy regeneration. Provides lateral buffer function and reduces the possibility of ankle injury and sports injury.  Helps protect the spine during heavy sports activity.  Beneficial to the protection and healthy growth of young bones.

Durably: With anti ultraviolet radiation and anti oxidant, cold and hot weather resistant properties one can expect a long service life. These modified-polypropylene, high impact resistance, vast temperature tolerant tiles can be use anywhere you can stand to live.  Do not warp in snow or high humidity/ heat.  No climate or geographical restrictions. Excellent for indoor or outdoor use.

Easy to maintain.  Easy to wash. Chemically resistant to all  known consumer accessible products.

Sport Performance:  Ball rebound rate of 95%.  Sliding friction coefficient 0.52.  Shore hardness D 45°(±5°)


Also, has sound absorbing properties

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