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Honestly, pool covers aren't for everyone. Though there are ways to circumvent the issues brought about attempting to  cover free form or geometrically shaped pools, rectangular or square shaped pools better lend themselves to the means by which pool covers are installed.

The problem lies in the tracks within which the covers travel.  They are linear hence do not conform to arcs or angles.  The way one gets around this is by building additional peripheral structures which can be discussed should one be interested, but since it is rare that such additions can be justified let us discuss the benefits of Pool Covers for those to whom it makes sense.


In short pool covers are effective in cost savings, both in utilities and maintenance.  Once a pool cover is in place it reduces the release of energy, cold or hot.  In other words if your pool is being heated, the heat is retained much longer with a Pool Cover in place. That also goes for those who are using Chillers during our extreme summer months.  Your water will stay cooler longer.

There's also the issue of evaporation. With a Pool Cover in place a fraction of surface area is exposed.  In turn much less water is lost due to evaporation which reduces the amount of times it must be automatically or manually refilled, something you would notice in your utility bill.

Furthermore, with a Pool Cover a majority of environmental debris is restricted from ever finding its way into the water reducing maintenance visits and the amount of chemicals used to keep organic matter in check.

And speaking of chemicals, sunlight compromises chemicals.  Pool Covers protect chemicals from the sun minimizing the need to replenish them for that reason as well.



Pool Covers reduce the speed at which heat and cold are exchanged 

Keeps a majority of debris out of your pool

Reduces maintenance efforts and/or visits

Saves water due to reduced evaporation

Saves on reduced use of chemicals due to evaporation or exposure to sunlight 

Let us know if we can help you decide whether a Pool Cover is right for you.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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