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The Story

A couple of years already into the rescue scene, we came across an ailing elderly Dachshund in the bottom of a channel running along side Mykawa Rd, Pearland. It was obvious she was abandoned and left to die in this breezeless sweltering trough, 4 feet below street level.  But, virtually toothless and  riddled with skin issues we found her not giving up on life as she trudging through mud, ankles deep.

Extracting her from her plight, we took her to one of our favorite Vets to have her evaluated.  The Dachshunds' issues being numerous, the costs were beyond our ability to cover the quote, so it was suggested that we contact Dream Dachshund to see if they could extend some financial assistance.  

As expected in this story, Dream Dachshund did, and "Hope", as the Dachshund was eventually named, got her treatment, and her meds, and came to live with us.  

Though Hope lived only another 6 months, we were blessed to give her what she deserved; an environment with plenty of love and companionship.

Being tremendously grateful for Dream Dachshunds' efforts in behalf of Hope, and always  wanting to give back to their organization, AQUESTRIAN POOLS and Performance Courts are pleased to introduces the "2% Donation Program",

In this program, anyone coming to us through Dream Dachshund, AQUESTRIAN POOLS and/or Performance Courts will donate 2% of the over all contract price (based on standardized quotes), to Dream Dachshund, in the clients name.


Further more, this program applies to any recognized Rescue and Foster Program of any breed or species through which the lead was generated.  So no matter where your heart lies, a check is waiting to be written, in behalf of the client, to the appropriate Animal Welfare Organization.


We've heard the stories and we've all seen them on the side of the road; a lot loosing the survival game.  Anything we can do to help those Organizations on the front lines of such a worthy cause gets us all a bit  closer to being worthy of the reference "Humanity".  And, certainly, you don't need to patronize our business to make a donation.  Just go directly to  your favorite Organization and represent.


But should you be ready for any of our services we look forward to serving you.


Let us donate together or fell free to click on the link above and donate directly to Dream Dachshund, or any of the many Angel Organizations that can certainly use our help. 

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